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About CnD Ministries

Brother Guy Says: A day without meditation is like night.

Brother Guy spending time with the people

About CnD Ministries

Brother Guy, The Elightened One CND Ministries is a deeply religious communal family on an ashram in California. Our spiritual leader is Brother Guy (left).

Our passion for providing spiritual guidance through technology is only surpassed by our love for one another. We live to serve our god, our community, and our family. The ministry was founded in 2001 by Guy Melton (now Brother Guy) and Lenny Vespucci, RPH.

We are a Christian-based religious sect that worships the Dolphicorn, below. We practice "love bombing," a precious spiritual tool that is criticized by the uninformed. Additionally, our members perform rituals similar to what looks like fruit harvesting on our sacred lands that comprise CnD Nation.

Dolphicorn brings light, Dolphicorn is life, Dolphicornus Unitas

Please pay no attention to the recent press detailing the investigation of CnD Ministries. We have been unfairly stripped of our tax exempt status, for what The Government calls labor exploitation (on our fruit orchards) and something about misappropriation of funds. Brother Guys's worldwide spiritual tours are strictly heathen-conversion missions and not leisure-related, as they claim.

Today's persecution of Brother Guy and CnD Ministries is similar to the mistreatment of religious sects throughout history. Members of our church work the fields for CnD as a learning experience. In order for members to achieve enlightenment, certain rituals (appearing like manual labor) are necessary. All revenue from the God-Kissed Brand Fruit Company (owned and operated by CnD) supports the operations of the Fruit Company and CnD Ministries. We appreciate your support.

Pic of the Moment

Brother Guy Melton on his recent trip to Tibet, relaxing after he saved a dying yak
(later, they ate the yak).