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Brother Guy Says: Saving souls aint cheap, help me to help others.

Crusade 2006

Guy Melton is out spreading the good word, and he needs your help. Saving souls has become more expensive than ever. Your generous donations are providing what Brother Guy needs to travel the world and introduce religion to the masses.

Tour Update From Brother Guy:
I would love the opportunity to meet you and share with you what the Lord has placed upon my heart. Recent days have been filled with an unprecedented harvest of souls as our Precious Master Dolphicorn has opened doors in India and the Philippines. Please enjoy these few scenes from the tour.

5 out of 7 Former Followers of
Benny Hinn Agree... Crusade 2006
is the Best Tour of the Year.

CnD Ministries' market share of followers is up 15% over last year. Growth is attributed to Crusade 2006 and promoting a faith designed for modern living. Benny Hinn Ministries recently lashed out at CnD in a low-brow effort to prevent the further hemorrhaging from followers converting to CnD Ministries.

We look forward to seeing you on the tour.

About CnD Ministries

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