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Evil Among Us

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

I write this letter of rebuke and warning, not because Jesus appeared to me in a vision, not because the Holy Ghost came to me in a second anointed filling, not because God the Father teleported me to the Third Heaven for a personal meeting, but because the Word of God, the very Bible which you hold up and confess, commands me to do so.

Melton Preaches a False Gospel and He is in Bed with the Devil

Under the new leadership of "Brother" Guy Melton, CnD Ministries has grown in church attendance. It has also provided numerous benefits to Guy, including a $1 million dollar home. One can only imagine the number of servants needed to keep his "religious" household afloat and fed. Guy Melton has achieved his wealth at the young age of 39, thanks to the multitudes of deceived CND Ministries churchgoers.

Today, boosted by his sudden and unexpected success, a confident Brother Guy urges his disciples to discover the champion in you, teaching them weekly how they too, can achieve their closeness to the lord. God wants to reward his congregation and viewers abundantly, he tells them, BUT THIS IS ALL A LIE.

Guy Melton is an unrepentant, lustful sinner who teaches lies about Christ and the bible. The Christ he worships is under bondage to the will of man. The Christ he teaches allows him to partake in the pleasures of the flesh while keep his flock mind-controlled.

Beware of Guy Melton. He will lead you astray.

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